jodi guber brufsky

beyond yoga

As founder and creative director of Beyond Yoga, Jodi Guber Brufsky is an ambassador of body positivity, self-love and self-acceptance. Through the Deep Dive process, Jodi and I are are exploring innovative ways to share her self-love mission and tools with the world and help young women everywhere embrace their bodies just as as they are. Sample initiatives have included focus groups, guided discussions, speaking engagements, likeminded brand partnerships and other meaningful events where we have been able to develop an organic platform for Jodi to grow as a thought leader and amplify her impact with women across North America. 




"tara is a rare find. she has an amazing skill to bring out the best in you. whether you want to organize an event, a retreat or work on your own messaging, she has an approach that makes it feel effortless. her ideas and thought process make for an inspired experience. she has an amazing ability to gather people and create tribe. she is an asset to any project. she has brought women into my life that inspire, support, and will be friends for life-including herself. i'm honored to call her my friend. "

jodi guber brufsky, founder of beyond yoga and body positivity thought leader