the great jane


I co-founded and produced The Great Jane retreat in Ojai in May 2016 and was astounded at the magic that ensued in that very special weekend with some 65 mothers from across North America. Designed by mothers for mothers, the weekend was one giant opportunity for connection, learning and growth that left all attendees wanting more. Sample activities included creative explorations like block textile design with Rachel Craven and indigo-dyeing with Juniper & Fir to holistic sessions with life coach Andrea Scher and kitchen healer Jules Blaine Davis. The mamas also partook in discussion groups with engaging mompreneurs like Ara Katz, co-founder of Spring and Jaqueline Tatelman co-founder of State Bags. We were supported by likeminded brands including Moon Juice, Monrow, Beyond Yoga, Audi and Dry Bar, among others. My co-founders Bash Please and HeyMama are now taking The Great Jane concept across the globe with the next retreat being in Austin, Texas. 




"the simplicity of face to face connection, free-form dialogue and nuanced exchanges of conversation reminded me that human connectivity simply doesn't translate as effectively in the digital world. the 'togetherness' that we all experienced was essential to the relationship building that the weekend inspired." 

simone le blanc, ceo and creative director of simone le blanc curated gift boxes

the second shift

jenny galuzzo and gina hadley

Gina Hadley and Jenny Galluzzo are changing the way top companies work with mothers by creating fractional work opportunities for female talent. Their start-up aptly called The Second Shift, is revolutionizing what it means to work part-time and enabling mothers to stay in the work-force post-kids, while remaining present parents. Gina and Jenny were incredibly well-received as mentors at The Great Jane Ojai, and as such, we saw a major opportunity to further their mission in Los Angeles. Together, we collaborated on an intimate luncheon that would connect them with new members and introduce companies to the Second Shift's core service offerings. I assisted with curating the guest list with an eye towards meaningful connection and enabled targeted press opportunities for the co-founders. In addition, everyone left with a relevant goodie bag filled with sponsored products from female-led brands and businesses.  






“soon after jenny and i arrived at the great jane we knew tara was a connector. she assembled such aninteresting group of motivated and original women from such different backgrounds but all focused on a common goal that weekend and it was life changing. when it was time to host our first second shift event in los angeles tara was the first call we made. she helped us to bring together a diverse and fascinating group of women who made connections that have lasted well beyond the day. in this digital age that can at times replace true interaction with posts, tweets and likes, tara’s ability to create tangible, visceral old fashion community is without a doubt.  and it is in those moments of connection that i believe real change happens.

gina hadley