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meaningful events

time is the biggest luxury of all for today's busy mothers and women. if they are going to attend a gathering they want it to be an intentional experience and a genuine opportunity for connection and learning. if you are a brand or organization that wants to authentically engage women, and in particular mothers, i am your conduit. from event ideation to guest list curation to sourcing organic sponsorship opportunities, i design impactful gatherings that tell a story and lead to lasting relationships and brand loyalty.





"Connection is the energy that is created between people when they feel seen, heard and valued - when they can give and receive without judgment."

brene brown

who is it for

Brands that want to gather women in a natural way.

Brands that want to create a special feeling at their event that evokes an emotion or tells a story. 

Brands that want to increase their market share and consumer loyalty.

for brands


focus groups

all women really want is to be listened to - be it by their partners, their children or their friends - they long to be understood, seen and heard. i provide intimate opportunities for brands to authentically connect with and collect invaluable information from their female audiences. each focus group is tailored to genuinely convey a brand's story, while creating unique experiences that allow for organic feedback and dialogue. on top of garnering invaluable data, these intentional gatherings lead to intense brand loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing.



"Make your interactions with people transformational not just transactional."

patti smith

who is it for

Brands that want to gather women in an intentional way.

Brands that want to build relationships with their female demographic while collecting data. 

Brands that want to increase consumer loyalty by really listening and engaging their female audience.

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